About RCCA

Redditch County Conservative Association (RCCA) is an Association of the Conservative & Unionist Party (UK). We are authorised and governed as a Conservative County Constituency Association under the Conservative Party’s Constitution, and our boundaries as an organisation are mapped to the Parliamentary boundaries of Redditch County Constituency. This means our area covers the town of Redditch along with the villages of Astwood Bank, Feckenham, Cookhill, The Lenches, Inkberrow, and Hanbury. There are boundary changes currently proposed that would see the constituency grow to take in two additional communities.

Our Governance Structure

As a local Association we are governed by our Executive Council as the decision-making body outside of our General Meetings. A committee of Officers run the Association on a daily basis. A number of other committees and sub-committees exist to support the Association’s work, such as a committee to approve candidates for local government elections, a committee to facilitate the Conservative Women’s Organisation in the area, and a committee to govern our Patrons’ Club.

Our job as an Association is to campaign to get Conservatives elected into any public office within our area.

The sitting Member of Parliament for Redditch is Rachel Maclean MP who was chosen by members of this Association to stand in the 2017 and 2019 General Elections as the Conservative Party candidate.

Rachel was then duly elected by the citizens of Redditch and now must represent everyone in her constituency, not just those who voted Conservative. It is a responsibility that each elected member at any level takes seriously.

Our work as an Association depends on volunteer members and the generosity of local donors. We do not receive any public funding for our work.

Our Team

For the 2021-2022 year the Chairman of Redditch County Conservative Association is John Eaton (chair@redditchconservatives.org.uk).